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The departure will be given in Viale Roma next to Campo Marzo, a public park adjacent to the historic center of Vicenza, and the riders after having flanked the train station will immediately head towards Borgo Berga and then, when the race pace will already be high, come to the the beginning of the Berica Riviera will pass in front of Villa Capra called "La Rotonda" designed by Palladio.

After about 3 km and a half in Longara you leave the Berica Riviera to go into a secondary road that leads to Pianezze near the lake of Fimon, natural oasis in the heart of the Berici Hills, and arrived at the district of Fimon (km 14) first roughness of the day: the Fimon - San Gottardo.

This is a first stretch (Rapallo road) 2 km long with slopes of 9-10% followed by a pedalable stretch straddling the town of Perarolo and which at km 18 presents a challenging stretch that will end after about 3 km at the GPM of San Gottardo also facing steep slopes of 14%.

Viale Roma a fianco di Campo Marzo
Viale Roma a fianco di Campo Marzo
From here begins a long stretch of eat and drink and then at kilometer 25 will begin the descent of Zovencedo, with first technical sections to be dealt with carefully followed by a series of hairpin bends and regular straights to the bottom of the valley in Sant'Antonio.

The competitors will descend the Val Liona to the village of Villa del Ferro where, at kilometer 35, will begin one of the busiest ramps of the day: the ascent of the Botteghino, 2 km long with an average gradient of 9% and a stretch of 18% already at the foot of the climb.

Salita Raposso / San Gottardo
Salita Raposso / San Gottardo
I concorrenti scenderanno la Val Liona ed in prossimità dell’abitato di Villa del Ferro, al chilometro 36, prenderanno sulla destra l’impegnativa salita del Monte Coco (prima novità del 2019!) lunga 2,7 km con pendenza media del 9% ed una massima del 14%.
Giunti alla birreria il percorso sarà caratterizzato da dolci saliscendi fino a Via Molini, strada che ci porterà giù nei pressi di Alonte e da dove su leggera salita si percorrerà Via Corlanzone dove i ciclisti troveranno il primo ristoro completo dopo 46 km per arrivare poi fino a località Stamberga, che possiamo considerare come la prima boa attorno alla quale girare per portarsi lungo 17 km pianeggianti dapprima a Orgiano e quindi a San Germano dei Berici.
San Gottardo
San Gottardo
The hardest stretch will be followed by gentle ups and downs until Via Molini that will bring us down near Alonte and from where on a gentle slope we will cross Via Corlanzone up to Stamberg, which we can consider as the first buoy around which to take along 17 first flat km to Orgiano where at km 43 the first complete refreshment will be placed and then to San Germano dei Berici.

Just in San Germano dei Berici after 60 km of competition both the participants in the mediofondo (new 2016) and those at the granfondo immediately after the church of the village will turn right into Via Castello to face another of the most arcane climbs of Granfondo Liotto : San Germano dei Berici - Lupia road that will ferry competitors from Val Liona to the plateau of Pozzolo; they are 4 km with an average gradient of 9% in the first half while the maximum gradient of 20% will be reached at the beginning of the climb.
At the end of the descent to Pozzolo will be placed the junction between the two routesoffered and the competitors of the granfondo will have to turn right.

Salita Monte Coco
Salita Monte Coco
Once you get off in the district of Toara for a short descent that requires attention due to three tight bends on the final, you will enter the path that was faced by the pros in what has been defined by the cyclists one of the most beautiful stages of the Giro d'Italia 2013, won by Giovanni Visconti, and that for its characteristics of narrow and undulating roadway has been assimilated to the classic of the north; undulating nervous path that from Toara will lead to the village of Nanto passing through Barbarano Vicentino and Mossano immersed in the vineyards of the DOC wine route of the Berici Hills.

At kilometer 80 near the village of Nanto will be placed a water supply and immediately after will start the longest ascent of the 2017 edition of the Granfondo Liotto known in the area by fans such as the Ascent of Olives: the Nanto - Soghe of 9 km and 6,5% of average slope that is calmiered only for the presence of two fake lowland in the second half of the ascent but the local cyclists who frequent it know that the first 4 km of climb exposed to the sun are almost always on 9-10% and have a tip of 15%.

The district of Soghe will be reached after some ramps with gradients in double figures and immediately after the participants will begin a valley crossing through San Giovanni in Monte and then a technical descent that will take them back to Pozzolo where the granfondisti will find the second complete refreshment at km 97 and then, entering the path in common with the mediofondo, in the valley for a descent with gradients in double digits that starts immediately after the church and that is to be addressed carefully until the first intersection in Pederiva.

Salita Castello
Salita degli Ulivi
From this point up to the arrival positioned in Viale Roma with the railway station in the background the competitors will have to travel only straights without roughness with some change of direction and a refreshment located near the arrival banner will end the ride on the Berici Mountains. From here, take the road on the right that leads to Zovencedo (News 2018<&/span>); this is therefore a 4.5 km long ascent with a positive difference in altitude of 300 m and slopes of up to 15%. When you reach the intersection with the Berici ridge, you will continue towards San Gottardo with a valley path and some tracts with double-digit slopes; near San Gottardo will be placed the last refreshment that will find the cyclists before launching for the streamlined descent that reaches the gates of the town of Arcugnano and then for the technical descent that leads from Villa Pasini down into Viale Sant'Agostino close to the city of Vicenza.
Salita Muro dell'Aquila
Salita Muro dell'Aquila

Granfondo Liotto

Now in its 21th edition, the Granfondo Liotto is now a fixture for bike lovers.


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